About US

Our business practice
EBC CORPORATION specializes in supplying various copper, aluminum, steel, and metallic products.
We aim to supply high quality and eco-friendly non-ferrous metal products, thereby creating a better enironment for all.
Our products include copper, brass, aluminum, stainless, titanium, magnesium, and nickel materials.
Through our vast global network, we are able to meet our customer’s every need from raw material to processed products.

What is the meaning of EBC?

Eastern Bridge Connection
Since Japan is located east of the Asian mainland, we hope through metals to build bridges connecting Japan to overseas countries,
Especially those in Asia. In cooperating with overseas manufacturers,
we are able to provide an even higher level of service to our customers, ensuring continued mutual growth.

Company Profile

Address:kyodo building 2F 2-8-8 Kayabacho Nihonbashi,Chuo-ku,Tokyo
IP :050-5318-3106
Capital:8 million
Main Bank: Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Kameido Branch
Mitusbishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Kameido Branch
Mizuho Bank Hirai Branch

Credit reference : Teikoku Databank

Our Core Business

1. We trade in copper, brass, aluminum, stainless, and other metals, from raw materials to processed products
2. We trade in non-ferrous inogt and scraps.
3. We trade in recycled plastic materials.
4. We provide all-encompassing metal trading and waste plastic recycling service.