Copper and Brass Material

Rolling Material
Foil, coil, strip, plate, sheet’s raw material to processed products
Copper and Brass Plated Metal <gold, silver, nickel, tin, etc.>
Plating Method <whole surface, one surface, different thicknesses, strip.>

Copper coil

Copper Flat bar

Billet, Extrusion profile, Flat・Round・ Square Bar tube wire, etc

Copper LWC

Brass Hexagon

Grooved copper pipe

We supply Japanese, German, Korean, Thai, and Chinese Taiwan’s raw material to processed products.

Stainless Material

Rolling Material
Hot Rolled・ Cold Rolled Coil, Strip, Plate, Stainless Steel, Checker Plate, etc



Extrusion Material
Billet, Extrusion profile, Flat・Round・ Square ・angle, bar, tube, wire rod
Welded and Seamless Pipes, Carbon Steel Wire, etc



We suppy Japanese,Korean, Chinese, Taiwan’s raw material and processed products.

We also supply:
★Phosphor bronze product (strip, sheet, bar, etc)
★Titanium product (sheet, plate, bar, seamless and welded pipe, mesh, etc)
★Magnesium product (strip, sheet, plate, bar and pipe, etc)
★Nickel product (plate, bar, tube and wire, etc)
★Zirconium product (plate, bar, fasteners and welded pipe, and pipe, etc)
★Tungsten product (bar, twisted/Stranded Wire, filament, etc)
★Non-ferrous Processed Products (Die-Casting, Cold and Hot Forging, Lost Wax Casting, etc)
We can also meet the JIS, ASTM, ASME, EN, DIN, AMS, NACE standards.

We have imported:
【1】Korean products: Aluminum foil, Strip, sheet, Circle(A1000、A3000, A5000)and Copper tube, etc.

【2】Chinese Taiwan products: Aluminum foil, strip, sheet,(A1000, A3000, A5000), Bar (A1000, A5000)
Copper and Brass strip, tin plated and Phosphor bronze, etc.

【3】Vietnamese product: Copper tube C1220

【4】Chinese products:Aluminum strip, sheet, circle,(A1000、A2000、A3000、A5000, A7000)
Bar (A1000, A6000,)Tube (A1000)、profiles (A6000)、Flat bar (A1000)
Copper, Brass, Phosphor, Titanium Copper, Nickel strip, sheet, bar, tube and Silicon metal, etc.

【5】 Other steel products: steel accessories, wood products, dress, etc

We have exported
【1】Japanese products:Aluminum foil, strip, sheet, circle,(A1000、A2000、A3000、A5000),
Bar (A1000, A5000, A6000)Tube (A1000)、profiles (A6000)、Flat bar (A1000)
Copper, Brass, Phosphor bronze, Beryllium Copper, Titanium Copper, Nickel Silver’s foil, strip, sheet
bar, tube, wire, flat bar and Chemicals (Sodium sulfate) and Japanese secondary steel, etc.

【2】Aluminum, copper, nickel, plastic scraps, etc.